Portable Picture Frame Level Ruler Measuring Marking Tool for Photo Frames, Clocks, Mirrors, Artwork, Socket

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I wondered if it would be worth the money, it was a bit of an impulse buy after I just spent thirty minutes trying to hand two mirrors side by side and having to erase all the pencil marks after I was done. I had to put new mirrors in the other bathroom still and I figured I would give this a go.

Pros: Super light, easy to use, good as a level, easy to use (makes the process take a couple of minutes vs 30)
Cons: A little over a foot long, need a little extra storage space when you are done (sitting behind my toolbox now)

I am SO GLAD that I got this! I am pretty OCD about making sure that anything I hang on my walls is level and it has caused me to spend a lot of time agonizing over it… It is really helpful that this has a level no matter whether you have it in portrait or landscape mode! I am going to use this every single time!

AIMINTSEN Picture hanger tool

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AIMINTSEN Picture hanger tool brings unlimited fun to your life. hang up easy, save times, complete independently

nails kit


Full Range Size

Our heavy duty picture hangers are rated at 10lb., 20lb., 30lb., 50lb. and 100lbs. Their hardened steel core, angled nail design and notched hooks give them strength and security.

* Material: Brass stainless steel

* Color: Gold

* Load capacity: Max up to 100lbs

* Quantity: 238 pieces

AIMINTSEN Picture Hanging Kit

238Pcs accessories hang up to 85 frames + ONE yellow picture hanging level tool to position and level your art exactly where you need vertically and horizontally.

Package Includes: 1 x Multifunction Level Ruler & 238 Pieces Assorted Picture Hanging Kit

Dimensions: 13.8 x 3.9in

Material: ABS, Stainless Steel

Color: Yellow

* 25pcs x 10lb Hooks * 15pcs x 20lb Hooks

* 10pcs x 30lb Hooks * 6pcs x 50lb. Hooks

* 4pcs x 100lb Hooks * 1pcs x10ft Steel wires

* 105pcs x 1″ Nails * 10pcs x D-Ring

* 40pcs x screws * 12pcs x Sawtooth

* 10pcs x Screw eyes * 1pc x Storage casehow to use

1)Place your picture on the hooks.

2)Position your picture on the wall, find the right spot.

3)Press the buttons. A metal pin marks exactly where the nail goes.

4)Hammer the nail directly into the mark.

5)Hang your picture and level it using the tool.

6)Repeat to create picture groupings.

HOOKHook the picturePLACEFind the right spotPress the buttons,and markFINDFind your holeUse your nails…DONEHang up perfectly

Portable Picture Frame Level Ruler Measuring Marking Tool for Photo Frames, Clocks, Mirrors, Artwork, Socket