TOP reviews 4TH Emotion Outdoor Waterproof Throw Pillow Covers

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4TH Emotion Outdoor Waterproof Throw Pillow Covers

It applies to living room, bedroom, home office, dining room, sofa. The most important is that it is not only looks beautiful, and it will makes you feel comfortable.

TOP reviews 4TH Emotion Outdoor Waterproof Throw Pillow Covers

I got these to cover some old pillows for the part of the couch the dogs are allowed on so they can lay/climb/sleep/slobber on them and they’ll be ok if the puppies pee on them. I may even use one as a puppy dog bed since one puppy prefers to chill on pillows instead of sleep in hi nice new bed. They seemed see through but the water beads off the fabric so I it IS waterproof. I like these and wish they came in more colors patterns. I’m definitely recommending these for indoor or outdoor use and I’ll be buying more to leave on pillows outside as well.

These are a pretty color and seem to be reasonably well made with hidden zipper BUT they are made of rather lightweight fabric and they are NOT WATERPROOF. Possibly they could be considered water resistant- when tested straight out of the package water beaded up on them. But left out in the rain they quickly became waterlogged. «Waterproof» was what I needed and so these are functionally useless to me. False advertising.

I purchased four of these pillow covers for my outdoor garden. I chose these specifically because the title reads “waterproof outdoor pillow covers”, even mentioning the words garden and patio. Well, the first thing I did was run them under water with my hand inside the cover. Sure enough my hand immediately became wet. Such a disappointment! Back to square one. When you choose an item based on the title, you expect it to be accurate. Not the case with these unfortunately.

The yellow was a tad darker than I was expecting, but is still very pretty. Cover fit my current pillows perfectly. Really brightens up my porch. I just recently received them so I can’t really speak to the durability factor, but they look and feel fine.