TOP reviews about Doctor’s Best 5-HTP Enhanced with Vitamins B6 & C

TOP reviews about Doctor’s Best 5-HTP

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I’ve been purchasing these for a over a year now, taking one a day. With my doctors approval, I use it along with an SSRI — I can take less of the latter this way. I am not able to completely replace the SSRI, but using the 5-htp with the SSRI (important! under doctor supervision!) is better all around for me than upping the dose of the SSRI. I’ve tried a number of brands, and this brand is among those that work best, and is the best value I’ve found. I can definitely tell a difference when I am using a brand that for whatever reason is not as effective.
*Edit: Nov 6, 2017 — Still only using this brand. Ran out and bought another brand in a drug store. Could tell the difference (negatively). Also read through the reviews of many other brands on here — from both of those experiences, will stick with what works for me.

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Since buying this product I did some research and found that vitamin B paired with 5-HTP negates the 5-HTP benefits because it causes the 5-HTP to metabolize too quickly… before it makes it to your head where it needs to be. I found I was getting jittery on this but tired at the same time, and didn’t receive any positive mood boost. I’ve switched to straight 5-HTP without Vitamin B and have been very happy with the results though.

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I have a lot of stress in my life such as a loved one dealing with cancer and chronic pain. I refuse to take any more prescriptions that ended up making things far worse for me. This wonderful product has made a very noticeable difference in the way that I feel. I feel much better as long as I take these regularly. I stopped taking these once for 2 weeks and I plummeted back down into depression and despair. They do not help pain (there are other herbs that do) but they do help mental well-being.

TOP reviews about Doctor’s Best 5-HTP Enhanced with
Vitamins B6 & C