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LOCHAS Luxury Soft Indoor Modern Area Rug(Troubleshooting)

  •  What makes this rug so soft?
    LOCHAS fluffy rug features a luxurious, soft high pile velvet and sponge middle layer that gives you a best touch feeling and shields toes from the cold floor.
  • What size is available?
    Our rug available in 2×3 Feet, 3×5 Feet, 4×5.3 Feet and 5.3×7.5 Feet, 4 different sizes and 15 colors to adapt your bedroom, living room, classroom, kids playroom, girls bedroom, office and more.
  • How to clean this area rug?
     Please try to vacuum the area rug with a low-power handheld vacuum, dust and dirt on the surface can be removed easily. For a deep clean, hand wash it with low temperature and gentle detergent. Please Air-dried or hang-dry after washed.

Okay so I had to wash this rug. I have it in my babies nursery so as you would imagine there’s quite a bit of traffic on it. It says not to wash it in the machine and I was nervous to go against that. So I got some detergent and softener (gain & downy) and put the whole rug in the bath tub and hand washed it. I was shocked at home dirty it was. I was also worried it was going to get matted so I rung out as much water as I could and put it on pant hangers and hung it on my shower curtain. I took my hair dryer and started running my hand up and down to make sure it didn’t get knotted. I had no issues and it’s honestly more fluffy and soft then it was brand new! And it smells amazing !!

It’s dumb calling this a rug. It’s a material. I might be able to use it for upholstering pillows or something, but sure can’t use it in the floor. It’s far too slick to have on a floor. Would slip and fall very easily. It’s more of a BLANKET, and they shrink wrap it like a blanket, too. And I don’t put slippery blankets on the floor. So this product is NOT a rug. Get it if you need fluffy material for a costume or something. I’m going to turn it into a pillow case for a body pillow.

It’s dumb calling this a rug. It’s a material. I might be able to use it for upholstering pillows or something, but sure can’t use it in the floor. It’s far too slick to have on a floor. Would slip and fall very easily. It’s more of a BLANKET, and they shrink wrap it like a blanket, too. And I don’t put slippery blankets on the floor. So this product is NOT a rug. Get it if you need fluffy material for a costume or something. I’m going to turn it into a pillow case for a body pillow.

I bought this rug on my brothers referral as he purchased a red one for his room. His is much thicker (comfortable to stand on), full in terms of material density, and much more comfortable to stand and relax on. This rug has a sheen that makes it look like fish scales, it is thin material that sticks to your feet and disloges easily. So when you put your feet up, it looks dog hair is all over your feet. I suggest you purchase a more expensive and higher quality rug unless this will be used in a child’s room and you’re ok with it being abused.

really liked this rug when it arrived. gorgeous color, soft, perfect for what i needed and not super expensive.
it has been 2 and a half months and not only is the bottom (the sort of scored-fabric) is coming apart from the shag, along with holes developing seemingly out of nowhere.
even worse than this (as even with the low durability, it could potentially last at least 6 months or so)
but it is IMPOSSIBLE to clean. i followed the seller tips and sifted through reviews and what not and everything… sticks to it.
i tried combing the damn thing then shaking it out (this after trying 3 different gentle vacuum methods) and it is still full of all of it. it’s like a magnet.
i also wasn’t exposing the rug to fresh-from- outside-wear-and-tear. it was in my room (where i never wear shoes — there were maybe ballet flats on it briefly twice) and it’s just…not happening. Its incredibly frustrating, trying to salvage my rug and make it usable again and that nothing has worked.
Go with a different brand, this rug has been a giant headache.

TOP reviews about nuLOOM Rigo Hand Woven Jute Accent Rug, Natural

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About nuLOOM

At nuLOOM we believe home decor is a form of self expression. Over the past 20 years we have built our company by filling the void between brilliant design and affordability. We create unique designs and source our items from artisan manufacturers all of the world.

Beautiful & Natural

The perfect combination of style and durability, our jute, sisal, and seagrass rugs bring home effortless sophistication.

Hand Made with Love

Crafted with love and care, hand made rugs carry the spirit of the artisans that made them. Each piece is marked by subtle but individual differences that make your rug unique.

Perfect for Your Living Room or Bedroom

Jute, sisal, and seagrass rugs work best in lower-traffic areas of your home such as bedrooms, living rooms, dens, and dining rooms.

Caring for Your Rug

Handmade rugs should be treated more carefully than machine-made rugs. We recommend shaking off any dirt or debris rather than vacuuming.

Fair warning, this rug arrived in somewhat dirty packaging. I would open it outside if possible, as I was covered in dust from the many, many layers of plastic. Other than that, the rug itself is gorgeous and was clean, all things considered. It warms up my apartment beautifully, and looks just like its mpre expensive counterparts. Unlike other affordable rugs, the braids are tight and uniform, and there is no visible stitching. It’s also incredibly easy to clean (pet hair won’t even stick to it), and will last you ages. Bonus, my cat loved it.

Was not pure white like in the picture…it arrived looking shiny like plastic possibly some nylon or polyester fiber. It also has a bunch of stains and brown spots and looks very cheaply made. The stiching is a mess and there’s loose ends popping out. Plus they put some really sticky adhesive care instructions on the rug which was a pain to take off. I really regret the purchase and would not recommend this brand. I’m alt qfy in the process of trying to return it. I think this business is scamming buyers through false advertisement of their product. It was made in India probably in some unsavory factory and that makes me regret the purchase even more. DO NOT BUY!

I purchased two of these rugs about a month ago. At first I really liked them for several reasons. They were the perfect size, pretty color, and looked really well made. Also, they were thin enough to open and close a door without getting snagged. I gave them a two, however, because I just noticed that one of the rugs is already coming apart. The edging on one rug is coming apart from the rest of the body. At this point it is only about six inches that came apart, but the rug is also only about a month old. The place where I have this rug doesn’t get a lot of traffic either. Unfortunately, I will have to get a different rug sooner than expected.

It is a really nice rug, especially for the price. Lays flat right out of the package. I have the 8′ round and it is slightly darker than I expected, but still a light tan (I would prefer more sand colored, but it’s still really pretty). The texture is fairly smooth and it’s not very thick which is what I was expecting. I ordered a no-slip rug pad for it and it adds a little extra softness. Honestly, I would expect to pay more for the quality. It’s not dirty either like some of the other jute rugs I’ve ordered and feels great on your feet. Highly recommend! I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I like it!

TOP reviews about Ashler Soft Faux Sheepskin Fur Chair Couch Cover Beige Area Rug Bedroom Floor Sofa Living Room


Generous sizing to allow the rug to be tucked in under your mattress. It is ideally suited for the living room or on a couch to add warmth to hardwood floors to inspire luxury.
Classic style of plush rug gives superior comfort against your skin. throws or draped on the seats, make a comfortable and softness chair. Put it over your rug to enhance the home decor.
Shake it to fluff up the faux fur when taking out the faux fur item. Lay rug out or hang to dry naturally without direct heat or sun. Choose a site that’s well ventilated for air drying. Brush and fluff up the faux fur, using a care brush with widely spaced metal bristles.

This rug is so terrible! I regret wasting my money on this. The rug is extremely thin, the color is dingy (not bright like the advertisement). The fur lays flat and feels rough to the touch. I have purchased other faux fur rugs. This product is almost laughable by comparison. I cannot believe I wasted money on such a poor quality item. Don’t be fooled by the photos in the add, STAY AWAY!!

The moment I started converting my bedroom into a bedroom/nursery, I had a vision. I knew from the start I wanted one of these rugs. Boy I had no clue how pricey they were!!! Especially the real deal. So when I started shopping around on Amazon I realized I had to go small and get the faux sheepskin. But there are so many to choose from and even the faux sheepskin ranges in price dramatically. Reading review after review I got discouraged. Even the priciest faux rug had mixed reviews. So I decided to go with a less expensive one to test the waters. Boy did I get lucky!! I’m confused by the negative reviews honestly. U can’t expect for around $20 to find anything this beautiful!! For 3x the price I doubt any of the other faux rugs could be this nice. U have to know when purchasing that it is not going to compare to the real thing. But who cares? At this price point I am delighted!! I love how it looks in front of my daughters crib!! I am 32 wks pregnant and can’t wait for her arrival and to share the space mommy and daddy worked so hard on for her. And this rug was the icing on the cake!!! I would definitely recommend this to anyone!!

I bought this to use as a photography prop and I absolutely love it. It is so stunning in person and the quality of the product is top notch.
I was originally worried about shedding from the faux fur as I have bought similar products in the past that have been a nightmare, but I have never had an issue with bits falling off this rug at all and it is all stitched to what almost looks like fake hide on the back makibg it very sturdy. The white is a bright white and bonus, it stays clean, nothing really seems to get trapped in the fibers that isn’t easy to remove. I will be purchasing more of these in the future for use around my house for sure.

TOP reviews about Maples Rugs Pelham Vintage Kitchen Rugs Non Skid Accent Area Carpet


Maples Rugs’ Pelham Accent Kitchen Rugs

The Maples Rugs Pelham area rug or runner adds a vintage style to a traditional scroll design. The dual colored design features highlights to give off a luster-like sheen. The Maples Rugs Pelham area rug or runner has a style that will be a focal piece from entryways, living rooms, to bedrooms.

I seriously love this. It’s a bit bigger than I had thought I ordered but I’m not complaining. It looks super expensive! It’s rubber on the bottom, which is bonus for me because it won’t slip all over the place!
Here’s the kicker, I unwrapped it in front of my husband and he saw the brand and freaked out asking how much I spent because apparently it’s a very expensive rug company. He works at Lowe’s and they sell them and he said this would be at least triple the price in his store.
So, yes I highly recommend!
Don’t mind the kitties in the picture, they love it too.

I notice the price fluctuates on this item, so track it for a week or so before buying. Mine arrived well-packaged, and on the day delivered. As other reviewers have noted, it’s not a heavy carpet, but I wasn’t expecting it to be for the price and after reading a few reviews that seemed genuine. That was okay with me.
My runner is being used in front of my laundry area, which is on a slab floor. I didn’t care if my feet were cushioned, I simply wanted them off the slab so I wouldn’t get cold feet!
One other thing, as others have noted, the photograph isn’t true to actual color, although the pattern is accurate. I didn’t care, since I wasn’t attempting to color coordinate it with anything. Be aware the «spa green» will actually be a light blue IRL.

This rug is a waste of fiber and human effort. I bought it because the colors are perfect in my new kitchen, and really looked great when I put it down. I knew that it would not be top of the line due to the price, however, I was not prepared for its appearance after three weeks. It was pilled and smashed flat, and looked like it had been a doormat for ten years. It’s just my husband and me, and there are no muddy boots, dogs or cats, or heavy traffic. The lesson: you get what you pay for.

This rug is absolutely beautiful! It’s not too thin, has a non-skid back, and the blue/gray looks wonderful in my family room. My dog is aging and had an accident on my original carpet. Since I have hardwood floors, and a 100 pound dog, she started slipping on the hardwood after I removed the old rug. She stopped coming in the family room because she (and I) were afraid of her falling on the slippery floor. I looked at my go-to Amazon and I found this gorgeous rug! The price was very inexpensive, and it was during the Prime sale, so I paid 69.97 for it! The bargain of the century! It arrived in 2 days since I have Amazon Prime, I unwrapped it, and put it on my hardwood floor in a few minutes. It looks spectacular, the color matches my walls, and my dog is very happy with the rug too. I’m thrilled that it arrived so quickly, since I was worried that my Stella would get injured with no rug! No worries now! We both LOVE the rug, and I would highly recommend it to anyone! At that price, I’m planning to buy another rug (same color) for another room. I love it!!

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