TOP reviews about Ayush Herbs – Carditone 60 caplets

TOP reviews about Ayush Herbs – Carditone 60 caplets

Product Description


Carditone has been recommended by thousands of physicians and used by millions of satisfied customers for 30 years.


A. Created by two of the world’s most famous Ayurvedic and Naturopathic physicians, Dr Virender Sodhi and Dr Shailinder Sodhi, who have united their incredible knowledge of nature’s holistic healing powers with the tenets of modern science to create this award-winning product.


Carditone offers a heart healthy blend of the most powerful herbal extracts — like Arjuna, Rauwolfia, Rose, Punarva and Gokhru — that support a healthy cardiovascular system and assist in the maintenance of optimal blood pressure.


The unique combination of special Himalayan herbs used to make Carditone is grown in a controlled environment and blended in-house in USA to ensure maximum purity and efficacy. Unlike many blood pressure supplements in the market, we even have our product third-party tested for heavy metals, pesticides and other unwanted inclusions.

TOP reviews about Ayush Herbs

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I have managed to keep my blood pressure at moderate high levels…130s/80s for years thru exercise, low sodium,and eating decently, but in the last year my blood pressure has crept up into an unhealthy range prompting my internist recommending me using a medications to control it. The biggest wake up call for me was a recent eye exam that showed the damage that my blood pressure was doing to my eyes. I didn’t want to get on any medication because of the side effects associated with them…dry cough, foggy head, weight gain, ED…among others.
I began looking for natural alternatives. After much research I settled on trying Kyolic garlic caplets and an apple cider vinegar tablet to try to help bring down my pressure. I was doing that for a month and saw only a point or two drop in both numbers. I came upon Carditone in my search for something that would help more. I read at least a thousand reviews…yes…1000 reviews on amazon and elsewhere, and frankly they seem too good to be true. I decided to see for myself if it would help me or not. I took my first caplet wed (1/31/18) evening and had a resting bp reading of 144/98, I took another the following morning. When I came home and checked, my resting bp was 129/88. When you take some supplements you can have a placebo effect of feeling better, but a blood pressure monitor only shows what your numbers are…something you can actually compare before and after use. I have since been taking one caplet in the morning, and one in the evening. I have had readings as low as109/69 (2/15/18), which I can’t recall having in well over 20 years. In the next month I plan to cut down to one caplet a day. I believe that this builds in your system, and you can lessen dosage depending on how you react to it. I have had no side effects that were mentioned by some reviewers (nasal congestion, tiredness, anxiety). I don’t know if it will work for everyone…but no medication does either, but I would suggest that you consult your doctor, do your own research, and if comfortable with what you find out, try it.
Update June 2018:
I have been on the carditone for a few months now, and I have recommended it to others. It still continues to work well for me. I have gone from measuring my BP daily to once a week. Last checked it read 118/75. I have had a time or two of slight nasal congestion, but it is never long lasting nor would it make me even consider stop using this. I hope others find results like mine or better.
Update Oct 16th, 2018
Carditone continues to work for me. I am now taking a caplet once a day, typically 5 days a week. My resting BP last night….117/72. I can live with that all day.

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I was using the “Blood Pressure Formula” by Longevity Premier off of Amazon with a reasonable lowering of BP (10-15 points) taking 4 pills a day as prescribed! I saw a write up in the review from a customer from Carditone saying it was much, much better! Of course, who can trust all the reviews, yet let’s give it a try! I took 2 Carditone pills a day as many suggested by many users and after 5 days my BP lowered another 30 points dropping my medical BP from 150/85 to 110/65. Amazing! Now just taking One pill a day breaking it in half with taking half in the morning and then before bed. I am holding a BP of 115 to 125 depending the time of the day.
Only side effect, as some have said, is I do have a minor nasal congestion now as if it is stuffy but doesn’t run. Is that an allergy reaction? Who cares with with the ticker running strong and in the normal envelope of acceptable numbers. I am more than Amazed!
—–UPDATE JUNE 23, 2018— Still taking half a tab in the morning and another half after dinner or before bed. Went in for a medical and the doctor was surprised that my BP was now 118/60. I told him take it again at which point I took a few very deep breaths of air. Second take was 105/60. I have not changed anything except taking these pills and a healthy diet. Still amazed but starting a diet now with his approval to loose 25 lbs. Will check back when I hit that goal to see what difference that makes.

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I had been taking Carditone 2x/day for about a week and a half. My blood pressure was becoming lower, and I soon found I could halve my prescription dose, but I was feeling worse and worse every day. I developed a tenderness in my calf muscle that made me fear I had DVT or a blood clot. I became so fatigued that I would be doing something as simple as fixing my daughter’s hair and have to sit down and rest. I was starting to feel as though my whole body was winding down to die, and I’m only 42. I am so grateful that I was moved to come back and read the most recent reviews, some of which speak of experiences like mine. I REALLY wanted this to work for me, but unfortunately the side effects were crippling. By the way, I also had the stuffy nose and constant digestive gurgling sounds others have described, but I was willing to try to tolerate those or at least wait longer to see if they subsided. I am so happy for those this product is helping, but if it’s new to you and you start feeling ill, know that it’s okay to back off and see if that helps you. We’re all different. I was having great results before with (BRI brand) garlic supplements, and have been forced to come back to them, but I can only take half the recommended dose or else my husband (very nicely) says I smell. Frustrating for me since it’s the most effective supplement I have found for lowering blood pressure.

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Just out three stars for middle ground, since carditone clearly help some. I feel obligated to share a quick overview of my experience. I have a lot of interest and experience with herbal medicine, and work hard to avoid pharmaceuticals unless absolutely necessary. All medicine was derived originally from plants, and much still is as plant extractions patented by big pharma for big bucks. Long story short I was a little slow to make the connection with carditone/rauwolfia side effects and my system. Rather than helping with my hypertension and occasional afib it exacerbated it, and I suspect contributed to some depression.
Mayo Clinic list of side effects which apply to me. *Be aware, Rauwolfia is a powerful substance, which like many pharmaceuticals, can help some, and be damaging to others*
Less common
Drowsiness or faintness
lack of energy or weakness
mental depression or inability to concentrate
nervousness or anxiety
vivid dreams or nightmares or early-morning sleeplessness
Check with your doctor as soon as possible if any of the following side effects occur:
More common
Less common
irregular heartbeat
shortness of breath
slow heartbeat

TOP reviews about Ayush Herbs – Carditone 60 caplets