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TOP reviews about Mind Reader Mounty Coffee Pod Holder

If you have limited counter space but still want to view your single serve coffee pods the «Mounty» is for you. This unique coffee pod dispenser will stick to any surface including your refrigerator. Fill K-Cups at the top and dispense from the bottom of the unit. There’s even a cork board on top to leave important message or simply to say I love you! .

Love that it keeps things off my countertop and that I can put it on the side of my fridge.
However, one of the pod slots doesn’t sit close enough together. The pods in that column are always falling out or getting stuck because their rims fall behind the track (see photo). This is especially frustrating at 4:30am.
Maybe I got a defective one or maybe I just need to spend more $ on a different one, but after having this one a few months, I’m feeling like I want to start shopping for a better, less-frustrating one.
3 stars because I still like it and perhaps the one I got is defective but I can’t give it 5 stars because I’m frustrated with it and feel like I want to get a different one after only a couple months.

Had to reglue some of the tiny magnets when I got it as they were out or falling out.I decided to just use the mounting tape on the back and it came crashing down after a couple of hours then the rest of the magnets fell out. I glued the rest of the magnets back in, removed the tape and tried the magnets on the fridge. They are tiny and don’t have enough power to hold the unit empty, much less full of cups. Ended up using industrial velcro and it is working ok. This holder won’t hold the cups with the soft bag bottom, so you need to use regular keurig type cups. I think a lot of people buy this for its ease of mounting. too bad they didn’t spend a couple more nickels on glue and some bigger magnets to make it work the way they say it will.

I ordered several wall mount K cup holders and although I did not choose this one I thought it was worth mentioning because it was a very nice well-built unit.
This unit is made with a fairly heavy gauge plastic and utilizes 8 super strong neodymium magnets to hold it to the fridge. I know that most of you out there aren’t metallurgist or science majors, but here are a few facts you should know about the application of magnets to refrigerators. These magnets will only stick to refrigerators with steel doors, if your refrigerator is a high end unit that has real stainless steel doors it will not stick at all. The less expensive stainless steel refrigerators aren’t really stainless steel doors they are stainless steel clad., Meaning the manufacturer took a regular refrigerator and stuck a duplicate stainless steel door on top of the steel door in which case this holder will be attracted to your door but it will slide down. For those of you that think stainless steel is magnetic you are correct for surgical stainless steel,
however decorative stainless steel is non magnetic.
Overall it’s a really nice unit and comes in a box suitable for a gift. I simply didn’t keep it because I found another with a much larger capacity.

To reiterate what others have said, the adhesive DOES NOT WORK. I read the reviews and still decided to try. After I got this rack, I scrubbed down the wall in the kitchen (thinking other people’s problems might have been insufficent wall prep) and put up rack the evening I got it. It came crashing to the kitchen floor at 4:00 am the next morning! I then added 3M double side tape OVER the tape, top and bottom, and tried again. That lasted 4 days and the 3M separated from the adhesive tape on the unit, letting the unit again come crashing to the floor yet again. It’s now hanging on the refigerator where it works just fine. We had minor plastic damage after the first fall which we fixed with Elmer’s glue — not great but it works. As a rack for the K Cups, it works GREAT- if the adhesive had worked I would give it a 5 star. OR in the alterative, if they manufactured this with holes in the plastic so you could screw/nail it onto/into the wall. So 5 stars for the concept and 2 stars for application for a 3 star average. If you buy this, forego the wall installation and put it directly on the refrigerator doo.

TOP reviews about K-Cup Carousel — Holds 35 K-Cups in Black

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k-cup, coffee pod,

Large K-Cup Capacity with No Wasted Counter-top Space

The Nifty Solutions K-Cup Storage Carousel is the perfect solution to your K-Cup storage problem. No more messy boxes sitting in your cupboards or lower cabinets. The carousel neatly displays your favorite coffee flavors making selecting your favorite coffee easy and fun, helping you start your day on a good note. The base smoothly spins 360 degrees, making finding your the perfect K-Cup super easy.

I am absolutely in love with this product and will be ordering more as gifts for everyone on my list with a Kuerig. We already owned a drawer type pod holder that our Keurig sits upon but wanted another holder as I buy pods in bulk. This carousel is really lovely and it turns with minimal effort. I swear I could blow on it and it would turn. It turns smoothly with no noise. The base has a non-slip pad attached. The packaging is just right as it’s protecting the carousel with styrofoam but is entirely easy to open and remove without problems.This item is a heavy one made of black metal and is very high quality. I highly recommend this to anyone wanting a stylish way of holding pods. It’s a very nice gift item and worth three times what I gave for it here.
It’s now a while later and I am ordering another one to hold all my teenager’s hot tea pods

This K cup holder keeps cups organized and easily accessible. I do not have a lot of counter space but chose this style instead of the drawer because I was worried how the drawer would hold with the weight of the machine and how the cups would stay organized. I love how there is spot for each cup allowing me to organize a variety of cups and helps keep my shopping list up to date because its easy to see which cups I am almost out of. Excellent product, and much cheaper and easier when purchased through Amazon especially if you have Prime. I have owned this for about 6 months and use it daily with no issues.

Its pretty cool but for some reason the pods don’t all fit at once. if you fill it up they crash together in the center and push each other out. You can balance them in there but you have to be sort of careful and at least one in each row will be poking out a quarter of an inch or so. That said, its cool to have next to the keurig and it spins nicely, seem well made excluding the design flaw.

 I’m not super happy with this product and here’s why; 1. It doesn’t spin easily. 2. The K Cup Pods fall out when you do spin/turn it. I’m constantly having to place them back in the spinner. 3. It’s not very sturdy and takes up way too much space. I live in a small apartment and wish I’d gotten the drawer that goes underneath instead. I may return this for something that takes up less space.

TOP reviews about Mind Reader Anchor Coffee pod drawer, 13.72 height,12.87 width inches

  • Holds up to 36 coffee cups.
  • Enough space on top for your coffee machine.
  • Easy sliding drawer allows you to store coffee cups with easy access.

I bought the metal version 6 months ago on Amazon: «DecoBros K-cup Storage Drawer Holder for Keurig K-cup Coffee Pods»
When I saw this one with separate drawers, I decided to buy it because in order to open the single metal framed drawer I have to move everything away from the front of the coffee maker just to pull open the single drawer to get a couple K-cups out. This one arrived quickly and in good condition. It’s slightly smaller than the metal one but holds our Platinum brewer nicely. I also didn’t notice what an eyesore the metal one was until I compared the two side-by-side and this one looks much better with the cups covered in a sleek, black designed stand than having them showing from the sides and front of the metal version.
This is completely plastic except the handles, so on the down-side it won’t last as long as the metal version and I have to snap the drawers shut a lot of the time — but again, it looks a lot better and it’s convenient to be able to open a drawer and get cups out without having to move everything away from the front of the machine. Also, I do think the plastic top will be easier to clean than the felt-like top on the metal version. The plastic top is slightly textured and the black color matches our machine trim so it looks nice. I’ve put my metal version under my Tassimo machine in a far corner of our kitchen to see if it might still work if less visible (and it fits that machine too), while this one is front and center for every day use.

Arrived in a reasonable amount of time. It fits 36 pods, but I used some space for sugar packets instead. It’s all black plastic, with chrome like handles, it looks nice. The Keurig sits on top of this drawer nicely however, because of the common spacing between the countertop and upper cabinets you cannot open the Keurig to insert pods or fill the water reservoir. I put a few felt pads on the bottom of the drawer and it slides out from under the cabinet quite easily. The drawers stuck a bit too, so I applied a small spritz of Armor All to the edge of the drawer slide with a paper towel, now it works perfectly. Keeps the countertop clutter free. YES, I would recommend this to everyone. Thanks!

Overall I am very happy and this is a great space saving product for the price I just don’t give 5 stars unless the product is exceptional. As other reviewers have noted, this item is made of brittle plastic. I got the black colored version and have my Kuerig sitting on it and it hasn’t sagged or buckled even when the water tank is full. I use refillable cups and like that I can put the used wet cups back in the solid plastic drawers and nothing drips down onto the counter below. It holds 12 k-cup type reusable cups in each drawer and I cycle them from the right hand drawers to the left as I use them. The inside of the drawers wipes clean easily with a cloth or paper towel and the dark color hides any coffee stains. I have not had a problem with the drawers shifting but you do have to close them carefully.

TOP reviews about Mind Reader 30-Capacity Carousel Storage, Black Coffee Pod Holder

Carousel Organizer

Coffee lovers, get ready for a product that will save you time in the morning. A single-serve coffee organizer to keep boxes laying around everywhere. Get your coffee, or tea, made within seconds without having to look for them.

Very pleased with this product. Coffee «k-cups» (I don’t often buy the brand name) that I use have all fit snugly, no issues with falling out as other reviewers have cited. I use Donut Shop, Dunkin Donuts and various store brands.
I like that it can be turned to the side thus taking up less counter space which is why I chose this style rather than rounder, more «tree-like» styles.
It seems to be solidly made, attractive styling that would look well on any counter and a good value as well.

Works perfectly! Holds 30 cups and is the perfect fix to clean up the cluttered countertop. Mechanics are good, cups don’t fall out, doesn’t tip when you pull a cup out, spins easily. However, when trying to store the self fill cups, they spill when pulling them out. This is due to the fact that the self-fill is open at the top not a design flaw in the caddy.

Very pleased with this product. Coffee «k-cups» (I don’t often buy the brand name) that I use have all fit snugly, no issues with falling out as other reviewers have cited. I use Donut Shop, Dunkin Donuts and various store brands.
I like that it can be turned to the side thus taking up less counter space which is why I chose this style rather than rounder, more «tree-like» styles.
It seems to be solidly made, attractive styling that would look well on any counter and a good value as well.

The K-Cups constantly fall out when the Carousal is moved or turned around at all. Either the storage slots need to be smaller or tighter or they need to be slightly tilted, so as to not allow the K-Cups to fall out so easily. Bought this as a gift for a family member and we never realized there was an issue with it until a recent overnight visit and we saw how poorly this thing worked every time i got a coffee for myself or my wife. No option to return it now. Wish that this family member had let me know of the poor function or design sinner and I would have returned it for a better option to store the K-Cups to go along with the new Keurig Coffee Pot we had also bought as a gift.

TOP reviews about Nifty 4-Tier 72 K-Cup Capacity Storage Drawer, Black

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Huge K-Cup Pod Capacity with a Small Footprint!

At only 7 inches wide, the 72 K-Cup pod capacity drawer stores a lot of K-Cups while taking up a small portion of your precious counter space. For the avid coffee drinker or small office, the 72 K-Cup drawer is the perfect solution for all of your pod storage needs.

I have nothing but good things to say about this storage unit for coffee pods. It’s large enough to hold 72 pods yet conveniently sized to fit smaller spaces. I wanted something to store my pods in next to my machine but didn’t have much space between my machine and the refrigerator so I’m happy I ran across this storage unit. It fits perfectly! I really like the fact that it’s sturdy, sleek looking, and has rubber caps on the bottom so it doesn’t slide around easily. I’m not sure how many coffee pods most people usually have on hand on a normal basis, but if you’re like me and enjoy having options and varieties of coffee, this storage unit will hold variety packs easily. I ordered two variety coffee pod packs from Amazon before finding this item and it just so happens that both boxes of pads fit in this unit Perfectly with nothing left to worry about putting away. I keep my Keurig on a handy caddy so all I have to do is pull it towards me, open up a storage drawer to choose a coffee pod, and I’m good to go.

For having the capacity it does, it has a surprisingly small footprint. It is DEEP but is only three rows wide. It’s 1” wider than a standard box for a 16pack of Keurig cups. It is thin metal, but it is very sturdy! The trays are all held in place by a sort of tongue and grove system, which prevents the trays from falling out even at full extension. The black paint seems durable, but this really isn’t an item that needs to be durable… it gets slid open and shut a couple times a day.
Out of all the other KCup organizers, I think this unit strikes the perfect balance between small size and large capacity. No, you cannot fit it under your machine, but it holds x2-3 as many cups are most organizers, and keeps them out of view. If you have the addition 7” or so on your counter, I would highly recommend this product.
And that’s a Swanson guarantee.

I purchased this item to store my wife’s k-cups. It has a large capacity. It holds 72 k-cups. We do not like it because the cups keep falling through because of the way it is made. They keep slipping through.

The product arrived on time. It is durable and I love how it holds 72 k-cups. Only problem was that Who ever made the product. made the Last drawer completely crooked. However it still opens and closes just fine; so there is no need for me to exchange the product for a new one. If you are looking for something that doesn’t take up to much space, but wants the capacity this is the product you want.

TOP reviews about Coffee Pod Holders, K-Cup holder