TOP reviews about Peet’s Coffee Decaf House Blend, Dark Roast, 60 Count Single Serve K-Cup Decaffeinated Coffee Pods for Keurig Coffee Maker

Decaf House Blend: Balanced, Bold, and Inviting

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First crafted by Alfred Peet in the 1960s, Peet’s House Blend uses carefully selected beans from Latin America for a quality cup that’s uniquely rich with pleasant spiciness and a crisp finish. The bright, balanced taste and medium body make it an inviting introduction to Peet’s signature style. Deep-roasted by hand in small batches to impart the most flavor and aroma, Peet’s Decaf House Blend offers more body and complexity than almost any other decaf blend.

TOP reviews about Peet’s Coffee Decaf House Blend

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We love this coffee and it deserves 5 stars for it’s flavor. However, the noted description of this particular order is actually inaccurate and very misleading. It notes that the order includes a ten count which, at $49.00, results in the noted “$4.99/count” notation. However, the order only includes 6 rather than 10 boxes, which actually comes out to an $8.32/count!! To avoid customer dissatisfaction, Amazon needs to better ensure that it’s venders include totally accurate and clear product descriptions.

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I had a really expensive hobby of going to starbucks for my daily decaf cup of coffee and wanted to stop driving my husband crazy. This coffee is the perfect not too strong, not too light blend! FYI, I’m not one of those coffee connoisseurs.. I just know what how I like my coffee (with sugar and vanilla soy creamer). Peet’s coffee really goes well with the soy creamer- the coffee taste doesn’t become an afterthought and it tastes sweet and smoky (?!) when mixed with the creamer. This is the closest in taste to my previous «hobby» so I will definitely be sticking with this for a while.
The only reservation I might have about ordering this from Amazon again would be the packaging/shipping. It was shipped with smthg else I ordered that was heavy and I ended up with crushed k pods and coffee grounds all over the place.
Hope you enjoy this coffee as much as I do!

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Recently I was put on a Beta-Blocker for my heart, and the saddest news for me was when the Doctor said «No caffeine… cut out coffee.»
If you were inquisitive enough to check my other reviews, you’d see that Joe’s «Tall, Dark & Handsome» was my daily driver. Bob Marley’s «Buffalo Soldier» pod comes in a *very* close second-place. I love a good dark roast. (It may not be worth mentioning, but I’d tried some variety of Peet’s years ago in a multi-pack box and didn’t feel it was worth buying.)
So, for the last two weeks, I’ve been drinking what Decaf pods I could find locally, to varying degrees of satisfaction (the most predominant being «none whatsoever»).
So I looked around here and decided to try this Peet’s Decaf House Blend (a dark roast). From the very first sip, I was really delighted to taste a very *very* good cup of coffee (that won’t jeopardize my health… heh).
I plan to buy more.
***Technical details — 1) I bought this on special as an «inspected and re-packaged» box. I see no issues with the packaging beyond the box was open at one end, and an «inspected and re-packaged» applied over that end. 2) I use a Keurig, and I typically run an 8oz cup on the Strong setting. For this inaugural cup of Peet’s, I chose a 6oz cup (also on the Strong setting). I’ll run an 8oz cup next time and see how it is…

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Got a new coffee machine. Every K-cup or off-brand pod I’ve used in it works just fine, as expected. That is, except for this Peet’s. When I try to press the cup into the tray/compartment, it buckles as soon as any pressure is applied. The lower piercing needle barely punches into the plastic before the entire cup buckles and crushes. Once that happens, any pressure applied just results in the entire cup springing down and back up. The cup cannot go all the way into the tray. Since my coffee machine uses a front drawer rather than a top-load, the cup must be totally flush in the tray before I can insert it into the machine.
I’ve managed to use a flat metal ruler to sort of force the cup down flush into the tray while inserting the whole thing into the machine. I don’t really feel like doing this through the rest of this box of cups. It sure is a pain, and I have no idea if the coffee is brewing properly. It tastes fine I guess. I’ll keep them around as «coffee backup», but I don’t really intend to use any more of them if I can avoid it. Kind of a waste of $11.00 if you ask me.
Either way, something is wrong with the plastic they use or something. The Tim Horton’s cups work perfectly, as have a couple other brands I’ve used in this machine.

TOP reviews about Peet’s Coffee Decaf House Blend, Dark Roast, 60 Count Single Serve K-Cup Decaffeinated Coffee Pods for Keurig Coffee Maker