TOP reviews about Thorne Research – Methyl-Guard – Methylation Support Supplement with Folate and Vitamin B12

TOP reviews about Thorne Research – Methyl-Guard – Methylation Support Supplement with Folate and Vitamin B12

Product Description

Sourcing Exceptional Ingredients

We develop better standards for higher quality ingredients. Thorne cares deeply about where our ingredients come from. We partner only with suppliers whose practices emphasize quality, science, and responsibility. Better ingredients means better potency, absorption, and digestibility – and ultimately better health.

Manufacturing the Right Way

We manufacture our own products to ensure full supply chain transparency. For more than 30 years, we have invested in clean manufacturing practices. We refuse to use ingredients that can inhibit absorption. We perform our final production in the United States. Our Charleston, SC facility is third-party certified.

Four Rounds of Testing

We run four rounds of testing for each of our products. We have invested in two state-of-the-art in-house laboratories that allow us to conduct four rounds of testing, while most competitors test only one or two times. We test our raw materials, in-process batches, finish products, and product stability for each product.

Thinking Sustainably

We’re thinking sustainably to protect our environment. We believe the environment should never be compromised for the sake of business gain. At Thorne, we believe that doing our part to protect the environment and its most valuable resources goes hand in hand with our product quality standards.

TOP reviews about Thorne Research – Methyl-Guard

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This is my second time ordering this product and though the price tag is steep, it is well worth the money. I learned about MTHFR gene mutations in school and on a couple of reputable podcasts. Essentially, with this mutation, some people cannot fully convert folic acid into a form that the body can actually use. Therefore, people may be taking in adequate levels but still be deficient. This is where 5-methyl-tetrahydrofolate (5-MTHF) comes in! This form is immediately usable by the body and everyone has heard of what a good dose of B vitamins can do for your energy. For what I had going on, I thought ‘what the heck’ and tried it out. I cannot afford to take 3 a day as the bottle suggests – I only take 1 and this means the bottle lasts me 6 months. Within days I was feeling better – less fog and more energy. I’m not even sure anymore whether the fatigue and cognitive fog caused the depression or vice versa, all I know is this helps.

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I swear I started this 4 days ago and my mood has improved tremendously ! I have MTHFR genetic mutation so my doctor recommended this . I have energy and my mood is great!

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Friend recemmended this after this helped with daily energy, hangover fix (when taken after a night out, just before bed). Will warn that if your B12 levels are low, these will kick you back the first 3 days with anxiety and a lot of energy. The feeling begins to normalize as your body begins to catch up on normal B12 levels by day 4. Incredible supplement, with noticeable results delivered immediately. Never leave the house or travel without this!

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My doctor wants me to take this.
I’m am having problems taking it consistently.
It along with others new supplements cause several difficulties like nauseu and headaches.
But I can take it some and do okay.
Just thought I would share that.
It is supposed to help me get rid of cellular waste products such as ammonia.
Good luck.

TOP reviews about Thorne Research – Methyl-Guard – Methylation Support Supplement with Folate and Vitamin B12