Top reviews: «Freestanding Compact Mini Wine Fridge 12 Bottle Capacity, Digital Control, Glass Door»

Features: Wine Chilling Refrigerator Cooler Compact Freestanding Wine Cellar Style (12) Wine Bottle Capacity Built-in Compressor Cooling Technology Simple Electric Plug-in Design Adjustable Temperature Settings Digital Soft-Touch Button Control Panel Interior LED Light Illumination Control Silent, Ultra-Quiet Operation Built-in Circulation Fan & Ventilation Grill Reinforced Glass Door with Air-Tight Seal Celsius and Fahrenheit Unit Selectable (°C/°F) Button-Activated Child Safety Auto-Lock Function Integrated Door Handle for a Smooth Front Surface Includes Contoured, Polished Chrome Wine Racks Bottom Tall Shelf for Standing Wine Bottle Storage Free-Standing Design for Floor, Table or Countertop Placement.

Top reviews

I received the package one day earlier than scheduled arrival. No visible physical damage. Easy to startup. Regular 750ml wine bottles can easily fit. I tried a champagne bottle and it doesn’t seem to fit. I’ll try again. This is one-zone cooler either for red or white. I drink red most of the time. White wine is chilled but not chill enough to really enjoy it. I put the temperature where it’s good enough for both. Temperature remains to my desired setting so far. I haven’t check if the temperature inside the cooler is in sync on what the control panel says. The rack can slide, enough to put in and pull out opened standing bottles. The only issue I have right now is the LED light inside the cooler is not turning on. When I unplugged and plugged the power cord, it will work for the first time. But after a few minutes it will not work. I’m still trying to work with the distributor and the dealer on this issue. I will update the post once the issue is resolved. Overall, it performs as expected.

Gave this five stars not because it’s expected to be high end, but is a nice looking, works well so far, quite, and an inexpensive entry level wine cooler. It is all of those. The only ‘drawback’ which didn’t detract from the rating because previous reviews stated as much is the unit is limited in the size of bottles you can cool. It’s really a 10 bottle cooler with anything other than small narrow bottles, but will fit 750mm wide/fat bottles — just takes up room. On the plus side it is more quite than some of the reviews stated. It is quite! Actual temp is within 3 degrees of stated temp. The 10 min timer on the light is nice too.

I spent several days reading reviews, watching videos and educating myself on 12 bottle wine coolers. I choose the 12 bottle nutrichef with the glass front. The glass is a smokey black and you can see through it. The front does have a slight mirror reflection but not nearly as much as pictures and videos show which I am very happy about , its just the perfect touch. The light inside is blue and when it is on you can see through the fridge door and even read the labels that are in view. One thing I do wish was different is the interior light has a 10 minute timer, so every 10 mins it goes off. I thought that would be frustrating since I like the light on when Im in the kitchen in the evening but its so easy to use its not a big deal, 2 quick touchs and its back on. The controls are very quick and simple to use no fuss at all. As soon as I pluged it up it started cooling. I watched the temp drop very quickly. I am impressed with how fast it gets cool and also no sound at all. Its very pleasing to look at and to use. The door is very nice and heavy it seals well. This fridge is not cheap looking or feeling in any way. The metal its made out is strong and not flimsy, it is well made and came in perfect condition and packed well. I’ve had it for 2 days and so far very pleased. I love this fridge! I would have paid far more for it and honestly it looks like I did ..perfect!

It’s a great size. It doesn’t really fit 12 bottles unless they are skinny ones. If the bottle has a wide bottom it will be pretty snug. It absolutely won’t fit in the three “holders” to stand up. The temperature won’t go below 50 degrees but I just pull one out before people come over and stick it in the fridge. I like that the controls lock when you’re done setting up the temp so that little hands can’t mess with it.

This is the greatest! Super quiet. Fits right under my counter top desk in kitchen. Love the feature where it hold bottles upright for ones that are already open. Beautifully packed when shipped. All you have to do is attach door handle. Easy to read instructions. Love it.

I bought this for my mother. She had one we had bought at a garage sale, but it must have been old or something because it quit keeping the bottle cold and ran loudly. She took this one out of the box, plugged it in and just was awed at how much quieter it is. She kept opening it to make sure it was actually running. She loves that it has the rack to stand a few bottles up, as once they are opened they leak if you lay them down. I would recommend this to someone who just wants a couple bottle cold at a time, though it does hold up to 12, so has enough for a small party as well.

The wine refrigerator exceeded our expectation. And it came on time!! This refrigerator is small enough to fit in tight spots. However, you need to leave space on the sides and rear to allow air to flow. So make sure you factor that in before you purchase.

Top reviews: «Freestanding Compact Mini Wine Fridge 12 Bottle Capacity, Digital Control, Glass Door»