TOP reviews Honeywell HT-900 TurboForce Air Circulator Fan

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Honeywell TurboForce Power Air Circulator

A cooling icon for 20+ years, the Turbo Force family of fans has provided powerful air circulation to generations of delighted consumers.

Experience the TurboForce Difference!

Feel the blast of the Turbo Force Power Air Circulator Fan from 25 ft. away*! Its 3 speed settings and 90° pivoting head are designed to work with the cooling and heating in your home to create a custom comfort zone in any season. The uniquely engineered fan blades provide quiet, powerful personal cooling that’s great on a tabletop or mounted to the wall in your home or office.

*Based on internal testing (test #18-098).

  • 3 Speed Settings
  • Can be mounted to save space
  • 90° pivoting head for whole room air circulation
  • 25% quieter than competitive models
  • Robust Construction
  • Designed for personal and whole room cooling
air circulation


Turbo Force PowerFan head pivots up to 90°. Use as an air circulator or pivot for direct cooling.Year Round ComfortThe Honeywell Turbo Force Air Circulator can save you up to 20% on summer energy bills, when used with an air conditioner. In the winter months, the Turbo Force power helps to efficiently circulate warm air throughout your home, saving you money on heating bills. Simply turn down your thermostat and pair with a heating system.Engineered to be 25% QuieterUnique blade design creates less noise but is powerful – feel the Turbo Force from up to 25 feet away1.

TOP reviews Honeywell HT-900 TurboForce Air Circulator Fan

I Have used a fan for it’s noise to sleep for over eight years now. I have gone threw well over twenty fans in the past eight years. I run a fan non stop for hours until I wake up each and every night. When I travel I take my fan with me as well. I have purchased so many brands and styles. I owned fans that were plastic, metal, standing, floor, expensive, cheap, you name it… I tried most.
I lost yet another fan that I payed top dollar for a few weeks back. It just stoppedworking. Another one bites the dust. I figured check amazon for a fan since it’s winter time and fans at a department store tend to be seasonal… yeah summer.
I bought this fan for two reasons, I needed a fan and this one was the cheapest price I have ever found for this size fan.
For those who don’t like very noisy fans then this fan is not noisy at all. It’s small but not like those tiny desk ones. It swivels up so u can point the airflow towards the ceiling, this is what I do mostly. There is no assembly required, I just took it out of the two boxes it came in and plugged it in.
A week after I bought the first one I decided to buy a second one for my girls room plus the price was so low I figured why not.
Airflow is nice but not crazy.
I truly like metal fans better but this will work for now:)
Update: a year later and both of my fans are still running.

We returned this after testing it. One of my family members has several of these and I love using them when I visit because hers have the perfect amount of sound-blocking white noise without being distracting and they push out a ton of air. I was expecting the same with this one, but…it seems they’ve changed the model in the past several years. These, now, are extremely quiet and do not push air very fast at all. Even on its highest setting it felt like a typical box fan’s «low». Very disappointing.
If you’re looking for something that will keep air circulating enough to give you a breeze at night and also block out noises from outside or through the walls, this is not going to do the job for you.

5 Months old and this motor is already dying. It runs at about 50% of the speed it should, unless I aim it down, then it blows faster.
1 Year warranty? Yea, but you have to pay $10 in shipping, whats the point? Guess I’ll buy another one at $8 and hope is doesn’t die in another 5 months. I had one of these fans 5 or so years ago and it worked great for years. Maybe they are making them cheaper now.

Bought 2 when our box fan finally gave into old age. At first, both crazy quiet with just the right amount of white noise. The air movement was amazing, cool and you can feel it across the room. But, 1 week into it and 1 fan just stopped working. Turned it off the morning, went to turn it on in the evening, and bam nothing. Changed the fuse and again, nothing. About 5 days or so later, same thing. One I can see, maybe just a bad fan, it happens. Two??? Ugh So while it’s great, it’s very unstable, and didn’t last us long at all. I can’t recommend this

Let’s be realistic: when you buy a fan, you want it to move the air. This beauty does it IN SPADES! Even on low, it is still pushing quite a bit of air and does so relatively quietly. I set it up a few feet from my bed thinking it was «enough». Wrong. It’s almost too much, and from me, that’s saying something. If I lay with my back to it (like I normally would) there is enough wind going past my ears that IT MAKE A SOUND — yes, literally the wind rushing past my ear. And that’s on low from 3 feet away! … Frankly, I LOVE IT! I have had too many little fans that just couldn’t live up to the task. But this little jewel does EXACTLY what it is supposed to do. But be advised, it makes noise. Especially on high. This is a FAN! And I am a FAN of this fan!