TOP reviews LeyuSmart Cat Claw Design Thumb Grip Caps, Joystick Cap for Nintendo Switch & Lite, Soft Silicone Cover for Joy-Con Controller

  • Designed for Nintendo Switch & Switch Lite, perfectly fit Joy-con controller joystick;
  • Protection for your joystick, prevent from scratches, bumps, dirty or other damage;
  • Soft and Comfortable, the high quality silicone materials make it softly, and touched feeling better;
  • Cute and lovely, the cat paw design adds flavor and vitality into your gamer, make your Switch more attractive;
  • Fit in perfectly, compact with the joystick after install, you won’t be worry it fall off but need some skill when installing.



Various Color

Various Color Choices

We provided multiple color for choices. There will always be a color that best for your consoles.


Fits Joystick Perfectly

Fits Joystick Perfectly

Our ingenious and funny design make this thumb grips hugs joystick firmly, also increase the comfortable touching to improve your playing experience.


TOP reviews LeyuSmart Cat Claw Design Thumb Grip Caps, Joystick Cap for Nintendo Switch & Lite, Soft Silicone Cover for Joy-Con Controller

These are extremely cute but I wished they had some instructions as to how to apply them. I have been wrestling with my control sticks because I couldn’t figure it out. I recommend turning inside out first and applying it that way to minimize any damage you might do to the joycons

Could be a little cheaper……and have the option to buy single colour sets.
They are adorable as heck! Highly recommended if you wanna protect your joycon thumstick and add some cuteness to your switch.

These are perfect! They are just like other ones and slightly hard to put on but not impossible. They stay on well and aren’t too thick. They don’t block the stick at all like some I’ve owned.
I want to love them more but they’re so difficult to put on the sticks its kind of frustrating. The whole thing is a soft rubber, and I had to get a pair of tweezers to pull down the sides of the caps to make sure they’re secured under the edge of the joycon stick. I also recommend washing your hands thoroughly before playing with them on as they attract dirt like crazy and if your hands are oily enough your thumbs just slip right off them.
But with most accessories, it is usually form over function. I still really like them and I like how they feel so I think it was worth the purchase.

Pros: Exactly as pictured, Super cute, Comfortable
Cons: Difficult to properly install
If you dont install them properly they will fall off easily and you have to be careful not to bump them into anything because they may fall off. I lost one while out and about from unpacking and packing it repeatedly throughout the day from my bag. I recommend having a case to avoid this. I’d also like to note that there is no adhesive.
My experience with installation:
I felt like the amount of force I had to put to force it to stretch over it completely and in the orientation I wanted was really excessive and made me worried I would damage my joy cons but the end result was well worth the struggle and my joy cons were just fine.

I love this design of these cute little grips, they’re soft and comfy, however. These are NOT a comfortable fit. I bought these for my Nintendo Switch, as it says it can be used for both lite and switch.
It took me a good 20 minutes trying to make sure they were on and did not pop off. Eventually, I got them on, but I shouldn’t have to take that long to get them on. If you purchase this item, please keep in mind that they might not fit, or might be a pain in your rear to get on.

It came quickly and it’s just so cute, my switch looks absolutely adorable now and I love it. I saw a review with someone struggling to put it on, but the easiest way for me was to flip them inside out and then put them over the trigger before pressing back down on it so it would wrap automatically. They’re super comfortable, they don’t slip off, they’re so cute, and they came so quickly in the mail. 🙂