Top reviews of the game «Grand Theft Auto V — PlayStation 3»

Top reviews of the game «Grand Theft Auto V — PlayStation 3»

As soon as the package arrived in my mail box I ran to go and get it, ripped the envelope open and shoved the disc into my ps3.
I’ve played for about 12 or 13 hours, granted most of that time was spent playing online so I’ve only made about 9.8% progress on the actual story. Rockstar really nailed it with this one, it seems like such a huge step above GTA IV, if they never made another one this could easily by the grand finale.
Story: As soon as you boot up GTA V (after about 10 to 15 minutes of downloads and updates) you are shoved straight into a heist featuring Michael, Trevor and some other guy. The whole point of this is simply to teach you the basic controls. What follow the tutorial are endlessly entertaining missions, side-quests, recreational mini-games and so much more. I haven’t even made a dent on the list of things to do.
Online: GTA V Online seems free working perfectly fine right now. After creating your online character (in great detail) you are welcomed to the world of Los Santos with a racing tutorial and a tutorial on store hold ups. After these are completed you are free to pillage at your leisure. It is true that other players will relentlessly murder you for a quick buck so I recommend you store your hard earned cash in the bank.
All in all I’m incredibly impressed with both the online feature and especially with the story and I would recommend GTA V to anyone who enjoys a genuinely addicting game.

6/5, 11/10! I Love this game!!! I couldn’t put it down since the moment I got it! Rockstar’s attention to detail in this game is amazing! The three characters is a great addition to the game itself. For me, I love games with huge and inclusive maps, and this game has a HUGE AND INCLUSIVE map. The first mission, where Micheal, Trevor and the crew robbed the bank just had me say «wow» when it was done. This game is really all Rockstar has been working for in a Grand Theft Auto game. I’m really taking my time with this, and not rushing a single thing. I know that even when the next GTA comes out, if another comes out, I’ll still play this, because it’s that good. If you’re on the fence about getting it, please, don’t listen to anything negative, it’s not worth a debate. Just buy it now. If you have a newer generation console, consider buying it on there, because there’s a bit more added, besides the graphics. All in all. This game is a 6/5, or an 11/10. Props to you Rockstar! Props to you!

This game is amazing, and I hate to give it less than 5 stars but bear with me.
First the good: It’s a massive game, vibrant and with graphical improvements over GTA IV that will make you wonder how they can do that on the exact same console. The sounds and sights are great, the range of vehicles, sub games and activities is massive. There are far less friend interactions and dating and such than GTA IV, but there’s still plenty to do.
The controlls are excellently refined and easy to use. It makes having three characters to switch between not only an easy experience, but also a lot of fun. Got stuck? Switch characters and come back in a couple game hours. Want some extra fun, leave one character at a block and switch to another — drive back to that block and watch them interact.
Remember the witch hunt for the hidden/unfinished/unpublished sex games in GTA III? Well guess what — GTA V makes up for some lost time with nudity — male flaccid and female breasts in single player. There are some good side quests with additional sex content as well.
The game is more scripted and plays a little bit more like a movie. It is over quicker than other GTAs I thought.
It’s a little less «realistic» for many things than previous games. The violence is a little muted, cars don’t damage as easily and handle better than other GTAs.
The downside is they are prioritizing development for the online side of things. If you like the online experience then you’re in luck and that’s probably a 6th star instead of a subtraction. If you’re even just slightly not thrilled with it, then you realize quickly that you are losing out in single player mode. You have access too fewer updates, fewer cars, less content. And of course they want you to pay extra money for the online stuff. Not a reason to not buy the game, but it is disappointing if you’re happy playing single player and start to realize that until the next paid DLC, you’re out of luck.
Also, this game really isn’t for 12 year olds. The fact that you hear them playing online all the time is really disappointing.

I won’t get into details or even into the politics surrounding this game. Merely I will compare this to the previous couple of GTA games and list the improvements for those familiar with the series.
+ Vehicle control is VASTLY improved over GTA4. Not quite as ‘fake’ feeling as the super stable control of GTA SA and GTA VC though. Which is also a plus. Cars can lose control, but it doesn’t feel like you’re playing Mario Kart nor does it feel bouncy like you’re playing Stunt Race FX (remember that one???)
+ Improved story and characters. Basically you have three characters with different personalities. It’s kind of a blend of previous GTA archetypes and personalities. You have the young guy trying to make his way in the criminal underworld, you have the deranged nut job, and you have the ex-con with a family who is bored with life and decides to get back in the game. Their stories cross and it makes for one of the more enjoyable main mission story lines in the GTA series.
+ Improved missions. I say this because you have mission checkpointing. If you fail a mission you can continue at the last checkpoint (which means you won’t have to do over those tedious parts if that applies to a particular mission — in other words, if you spend 20 minutes carefully setting bombs, then have to evade the cops afterwards, you won’t restart the mission if you get caught by the cops, you would just restart at the checkpoint after you detonated the bombs). You also have the option to cancel the mission.
+ Character and vehicle graphics are improved. Not a huge item of contention for most folks since GTA IV looked really good. But the character models are better quality and they are much better articulated. You actually have them moving like real people and even their fingers move independently. Facial expressions are much improved as well. People have more than the basic emotions — their eyes follow others and they react realistically. Cars also have more pop. The lines are cleaner and there is much more detail to the vehicles. Many you can actually tell what car or combination of cars they resemble in real life. It’s always fun trying to outrun cops in the car based on a Prius!
+ Banter! This one I really enjoy. Previous games have included a bit, but this is really the first game where the characters truly interact while on missions. And it’s not conversation that MUST be heard to advance the game, instead it’s a little commentary that adds fun. It also depends on what actions you the player take. For example, when Michael’s son gets in the car he changes the station to rap. If you then change the station or turn off the radio he whines and calls Michael an a-hole.
+ Huge open world. And I mean HUGE! It’s similar to GTA SA — well, because it’s based on Los Angeles. There are many familiar landmarks and buildings. The city has a similar shape, size, and layout — though there is much less sprawl. But it feels very similar to being in the real deal. Once you leave the main Los Santos area, the world is not as similar to the real thing. The outlying areas are not just empty swaths. There is a lot to do out and about in the hinterlands. Rampages, dirtbike and ATV races, even a few extra missions.
+ Virtually no catastrophic bugs. There are the regular little glitches and bugs. But I haven’t had any of the Skyrim style bugs that force you to shut down and restart the game. Mostly just getting stuck somewhere (which isn’t too bad as long as you can self grenade). But I never got stuck anywhere I couldn’t get out of. There are a few interesting little graphical effects, such as people crashing cars in odd ways… but you can’t really complain about these things. The game is insanely detailed and I can forgive a few glitches that don’t cause me to lose hours of game play by forced restarts. 25% through and not a single restart!
+ Forthcoming GTA online. I am looking forward to playing in the GTA world with friends. And for free! How sweet of a deal is that? I’ll update after they launch on October 1.
So until my next few updates, enjoy! I know folks will either love or hate this game. But it’s amazing and a vast improvement IMHO on GTA IV.

Looked even better than I suspected it would, although it’s hardcapped to 720p the quality is still amazing on my TV.
Framerate is great throughout the story, everything is smooth and as perfect as it seemed when I played on my brothers PS4. Graphics might be turned down a little, and shaders might be more basic but when you get used to playing it on the PS3 it’s honestly great anyway. Though if you bought this game for the graphics, you’d be playing it on PS4 or PC anyways.
The product itself is perfect, although I did not receive a «Greatest Hits» edition, I however received the normal edition for the PS3.
Online play is sporadic, but honestly I didn’t buy this game to deal with chumps online. Especially on a controller based console, FPS/TPS are better on PC.
Other than that great buy, and was a very reasonable price.
Graphics are top notch for the system, stability and framerate like I said are perfect, and honestly it feels much better than your average port.