TOP reviews ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro Bluetooth Fingerprint and Keypad Electronic Smart Deadbolt Door Lock + WiFi Bridge Adaptor


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Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro is a secure and versatile smart deadbolt that offers 6-in-1 keyless entry to your home. The Bridge upgrade allows you to control the access to your door while you’re away from your home and monitor all activity remotely.

TOP reviews ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro Bluetooth Fingerprint and Keypad Electronic Smart Deadbolt Door Lock + WiFi Bridge Adaptor

Reviewed in the United States on October 2, 2019
Size Name: U-Bolt Pro (Fingerprint Version)Color Name: Black with Satin NickelVerified Purchase
Got this lock to replace our old front door keyed lock and my husband wasnt happy because i made him worked… Lol… Anyway, it was our first smart fingerprint lock ever and i already like it. Once finished, it allows us to unlock either by fingerprint (2 prints per users, not sure how many users u can have total but we created 4 profiles), by combo code, by phone’s proximity and lastly through traditional key. The lock is very responsive, fingerprint reader is very accurate, has notification and alert on our phone and a logs of when it was opened/closed and by which profile. So far I’m very happy with it because less key on my keychain and much more convenience to use my fingerprint to unlock it. Also, it has auto lock feature which is useful in case you forgot to lock to it.

Worked wonderfully at the beginning but the front panel stopped working after 3 days.
It seems to be some lock down function was triggered by a failed entry via fingerprint (even I used the correct finger at unlock) .
The device stated beeping and the key pad stopped working. I found no way to stop the beeping until I unplugged the bridge and re-plug. Yet, the front panel still isn’t functioning. The lock can still unlock/lock via phone and does auto lock after 30s.
I searched user manual and on internet, didn’t find any information about how to fix. I had to reset the device to factory setting, but still no luck. Situation gets even worse! as after resetting the lock, the phone app no longer provides fingerprint setup option for user, and the beeping comes back! This time I have to take out the battery in order to mute it.
I have asked the customer support, will update if any solution comes back.
update 11/09/2019
Issue is resolved after contacting U-Tec customer support , I found the phone number from their homepage and called, it connected to a knowledgeable representative , she listens to me and diagnosed the issue as broken wire that connects the front panel to the back panel. She sent me the device to replace and I am now a happy customer again. This product is so far the best valued smart lock (with the same smart functionality) at the lower cost than the others.
Tip #1: when install the lock, you have to treat the wire as delicate parts, do not fold it nor push it too hard
Tip #2: when set up the app control, update the firmware first, the “connecting….” issue would go away after that. If it does persist, restart the app and try again.

After contacting Utec support I was promptly given a brand new and unscuffed lock. Now I finally get to review the function of the product, so here goes. I have owned the Schlage lock for many years and found that to be very convenient, although the app and associated software was rather unreliable. This lock is better than the Schlage in every possible way with regard to those issues AND it has the added benefit of the fingerprint reader which is AMAZING. If you are comparing this with other locks, these are the reasons why I think the Utec wins on all counts:
1) The fingerprint reader is the number one feature that all the other major locks are lacking. It is faster than even the app or pin methods and it has huge benefits that make it the number one feature of this lock in my opinion. My kids do not have electronic devices. By using the fingerprint reader they can enter the house without needing to memorize a pin which they will inevitably share with everyone they know. Faster, more reliable, and more private.
2) The lock and the app have been very reliable. The configuration was easy and I have not had any major issues since I set them up. I was able to invite my wife as a user and her experience was also seamless.
Original review: I purchased this lock and received what appeared to be a heavily used product with scuff marks on the exterior surface. I really want the lock, so I requested a replacement and what I got was actually WORSE than the original. It appears as though they are selling refurbished products as new. Shame, I really want this lock but I can’t seem to get what I am paying for. See photos.

I am using it for 2 weeks. My wife loves it, no more keys needed. Nice to have a backup option to open lock by key, in case of battery crash or device fails.
I have a worry about plastic mechanism that rotate the lock. Looks not sturdy enough.
During assembling it I was also worried how thin was a connection wire between keypad and body.
My citeria during buying a lock were:
— ability to set and manage users remotely, outside wife network
— having backup key
— check all locks/unlocks statuses remotely
That all work with this lock. Nice that it came with wife bridge. It is really stupid that other manufactures required us to purchase it as extra.
Integration to ghome was useless. Nothing work from it, but I didn’t research enought. Maybe I can use IFFT service.
Generally good lock with some plastic design worries. Will see how long it will last