X-MEN Dark Phoenix TOP reviews

Perri Nemiroff and Coy Jandreau are here for your Dark Phoenix movie review! The new installment of the X-Men film franchise over at 20th Century Fox puts the spotlight on Sophie Turner’s Jean Grey. During a mission in space, Jean absorbs a cosmic flare that winds up enhancing her abilities well beyond what she can handle. Dark Phoenix hits theaters on June 7th.

X-MEN Dark Phoenix TOP reviews

I almost didn’t see this because of the terrible reviews it got by both critics and reviewers but luckily I did because it was amazing. I don’t understand why people rated this so low, is it because wolverine wasn’t in it? Is it because they compared it to the other X-men movies or even the comics and it didn’t meet their expectations? I’ve been a huge fan since the 90s animated cartoon and I’m telling you, the acting was superb and the storyline was excellent. If you enjoyed X-men first class, days of futures past, or apocalypse ( I think that one is underrated massively btw), then you will definitely love this installment. Sophie turner has incredible emotional depth as Jean grey and reminds you of why she was so good on game of thrones; James mcavoy and micheal fassbender are outstanding as usual as Xavier and magneto; the guy who plays beast is above and beyond in this movie, I won’t give spoilers as to why, all the X-men are on their a game. My only complaint is there wasn’t enough quicksilver action but that’s a small complaint with the amazing acting and action we do get. I won’t rui the plot as I said, but this kept me engaged, entertained, and I’m really disappointed in these so called reviewers and critics for being so cynical. It’s not the best movie ever made, but it’s definitely up there with the best x men movies. I always personally thought that the first one in 2000 was the weakest and of course the much hated wolverine origins story but this deserves the 9 stars I gave it. Don’t listen to the critics or disappointed fans, go in and experience this for yourself and enjoy it. Nothing will ever beat the animated series or the comics but this movie is an excellent chapter for the younger mcavoy/fassbender X-men movies. Go see it!!!

This movie not only made up for the «misstep» X-men: The Last Stand in using The Phoenix Saga, it re-imagined many other pieces for in the comic story and did an excellent job in having to re-tool an important piece due to Captain Marvel putting it in their movie. (The Skrulls are in the original comics of The Phoenix/Dark Phoenix Saga not in Captain Marvel’s story but Disney/Marvel/ James Cameron’s «Alita «and money pushed this movie back slowing them to get there first.) It hits all of the important points of Jean’s story and is filled with great action fights, mutants using their powers, they get them off the ground, there are characters we get a glimpse of that are included in her original story, Xavier’s motives are exposed, frustrations, vengeance, Genosha, Dazzler, Selene(The Black Queen-Hellfire Club). The alien race D’Bari that the Phoenix destroyed by eating their sun (in the comics) are introduced with motives of their own….. This movie is great and critics have been crapping on it since last year, before any of us could see it and before it was done, planting negative seeds, taking things out of context, judging the actors, making false assumptions, so that when it didn’t reach monetary equality, they scoffed and said «told ya». All it takes is a word to ruin a person or a thing and they used several. It’s lackluster attendence is solely critics fault and bad studio timing, again. They soured the public’s mind on things that we haven’t seen and the studio, only thinking about what is going to get them the best money, over think themselves into a failure and all put the blame on the movie. THEY ARE WRONG. Even the director apologized for it’s failing, not because it was bad, but because by the numbers, it didn’t connect with people that did NOT see it and with some that did…» (Even people that didn’t even see it had an opinion???) it is a shame that it doesn’t get the praise it deserves. They did a great job on everything. (I Only wish we had more time, like with the Avengers characters,
To get to spend and get to know these characters as long, it would’ve made the emotional pull greater, as it was for Endgame) Hopefully fans will come through and people that aren’t easily seated will still see it and enjoy. Family lost, Family found. Life, Death and new Life again. A Phoenix Story. I will own this

Let’s break it down! This movie is nowhere near as BAD as paid critics that write movie reviews for a living make it seem. The Rotten Tomatoes score is egregious! To be honest, none of the trailers WOWED me and all the trailers I saw seemed like a disappointment. In addition, weeks before its release, word spread like wild fire that this film is utter garbage. I was just bummed. Despite those less than stellar hypes, I knew I was going to see this movie regardless because I am a huge X-Men fan. Always have been.
I have to disagree with the low RT score, and what the paid critics are saying. I saw it twice already and just came back from the theater a second time, and I was thoroughly entertained. Movies serve as another form to tell stories, but are also forms of entertainment in itself. This film accomplished one of the boxes, which is: To Entertain. It did its job. Job accomplished, as I was thoroughly entertained.
The beginning of the film had a nice flow to it and I was invested, as the team was on a space mission. It gets right into the storyline. No BS. The middle of the film was a tad slow in my opinion, but it kicks into high gear for the final climax that doesn’t fail to deliver. I do wish this film was two parts to really flesh out the storyline, and perhaps to give faithful X-Men fans the true Phoenix saga they deserve. Especially for the diehard fans familiar with the source material. Did I want the Shi’Ar Empire, Star Jammers, and Hellfire Club in this film? Yes, I did! Given we all know films have a 2 hour to 2 and a half hour timeframe, I knew I wasn’t going to get what I wanted. There was no way to jam all that into this film. What I did get, I was pleased with. This is way better than Apocalypse where Bryan Singer just lost his steam. Word is, the climax was reshoot and the climax in this final version delivers. It is action packed. I am going to miss this cast. As a fan, i don’t feel we had enough time with them. Don’t want to spoil anything, so pros and cons below.
1. Nice performances all around from the cast.
2. Sophie Turner delivers a good performance and gets to shine.
3. The musical score by Hans Zimmer is great! I need a copy immediately. It fits the space element of the plot real well.
4. End climax fight scenes deliver.
5. We finally get to see the X-Men use their powers more so then any other film in the franchise. It is done in a unique, action-packed way.
6. Nice cameo from an unexpected mutant.
7. The film had a nice pace and flow. I was rarely bored.
1. I wish the film was 2 parts to stay closer to the source material.
2. Mystique’s make-up and the actress are horrible. Her wig and nose job was very distracting.
3. The X-Men costumes are a letdown. The ones used in Apocalypse looked amazing though.
4. Sad there won’t be a sequel given Disney purchased Fox.
5. Wish some of the characters had more moments and their own individual story arcs, so they could shine more.

While the X-Men are performing a space mission to rescue astronauts from a spinning shuttle, telepath Jean Grey absorbs a fiery supernova into her body and becomes even more powerful than she already is. Before she has the chance to celebrate with her fellow mutants, her powers spin out of control and cost loved ones their lives. With the human world and some of her own X-Men turning against her, Jean struggles to find acceptance despite her godlike and lethal abilities. While she’s figuring herself out, an alien race known as the D’Bari want to harvest her powers so that they can rebuild the world they lost due to the supernova. Not a friend in the world can save her now.
I’ve accepted the fact that I’m part of the minority that actually liked this movie. I know I’m on an island when it comes to Jean Grey’s character development and her extreme case of Impostor Syndrome. People are dying all around her and she (sometimes rightfully) believes it’s her own fault. She wants to do good things in a world that has a fragile relationship with mutants, but she hasn’t mastered her newfound powers yet and she can’t help herself when she gets explosive. Imagine having your own low self-esteem confirmed by pretty much everyone around you and there’s no evidence left to prove yourself wrong. That hurts. It hurts so much that normal people who watch this movie can relate to it (sans murder). Does someone out in the world still love Jean Grey? Does someone out in the world still love us all? I guess we’ll never know until the dead end.
An even more imperfect character is Professor Charles Xavier, owner of the mutant school that houses the X-Men. Comic book fans know him as the super intelligent, ultra wise leader who can solve any problem with his wits. But even he makes the gravest mistakes sometimes and he becomes just as much to blame as Jean Grey. Using the X-Men as a superhero taskforce was his idea to earn goodwill with the human race. Some mutants don’t want their lives risked in such a way and I can’t say I blame them. Yet I continued to feel heartbroken during Charles’s most downtrodden moments. I wanted him to redeem himself and show Jean Grey that someone out there still cares for her. Excellent performance by James McAvoy, the actor who played Charles Xavier.
Jean Grey and Charles Xavier aren’t the only characters in this movie that have valid points. All of the characters do from Beast to Storm to Magneto himself. If I remember correctly, this was one of the director’s goals for the film: everybody is right and a healthy debate among the audience is encouraged. This is the dictionary definition of a 3D character. Not even the villains will admit that they’re wrong. You’ll never see an X-Men character named Captain Evil or Kitten Stomper. You know why? Because just like in real life, we all like to believe that we’re the good guys despite our flaws.
I’m plainly aware of how much hate this film has gotten since its release. It holds a below thirty percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes. It’s even been called the worst movie of the X-Men franchise by many critics. But I don’t have a one-way ticket aboard the hate train. I came into the movie theater wanting to be entertained and that’s exactly what happened. I was so entertained that I considered giving this movie an Extra Credit grade during the ride home. But the reason it earned only a passing grade was because the social impact couldn’t compare to other great superhero movies like Black Panther and Wonder Woman. Otherwise, great job, Marvel!